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18 March 2020

Warning of increased Cyber Threat reference Covid-19

The Cyber Protect UK team have issued advice and guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre in regard to ongoing Covid19 threats being faced by organisations across the UK, something to be considered against the non-online / physical concerns to business many are facing at this challenging time.

Covid19 themed phishing emails are known to be in circulation with malware distribution one threat posed by following links or clicking on links. This is in addition to what was an ongoing ransomware threat many faced prior to the current situation we find ourselves in.

In the circumstances the theming of these emails around Covid19 advice, prevention or how to access financial assistance raises the possibility of recipients acting on emails they may otherwise have detected as phishing.

The Cyber Protect UK team have provided copies of recent NCSC guidance for reference or sharing.

These documents contain the links to the relevant NCSC webpages and signpost to advice we will all have seen before around malware/ransomware advice & guidance.

They have also been made aware of at least one online ‘Corona Virus Map’ which when visited downloads malware to the user.

This appears to be detected by a large number of AV providers but this may be one tactic attackers may use to target employees able to search for information on Covid19 via their browser of choice.

Please share with colleagues.



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