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10 April 2020

Update to the Covid-19 guidance issued by the Office of the LCJ

High Court Lists

The Covid-19 Guidance for Courts has been amended here.  The Lord Chief Justice has directed that where cases in the High Court list for the week of 20-24 April are to be adjourned they should be adjourned for four weeks and not eight weeks.

High Court and Crown Court Bail

The Covid-19 Guidance for High Court and Crown Court Bail Applications has been amended to provide as follows:

·      The PPS should provide a copy of their written response to the applicant’s legal representatives at the same time as lodging it with the Court Office;

·      Where a judge decides to refuse an application on the papers the reasons for refusal should be set out.  If the applicant wishes to pursue a review of the refusal the legal representatives should advise the Court Office and PPS as soon as possible and, where appropriate, provide supporting reasons.  A remote hearing should then be convened.

The Covid-19 Guidance for High Court and Crown Court Bail Applications Form has been amended to include a section on “Reasons for Refusal”.  The form BAIL1 High Court/Crown Court Bail Application or Bail Variation Form – issued 8 Apr 20 can be downloaded here


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