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Transferring from the Bar

The following page outlines the procedure for applying for Admission to the Roll of Solicitors in Northern Ireland for Barristers admitted in Northern Ireland. Barristers from other jurisdictions should make contact with the Society in advance of an application by emailing

Applicants should allow a minimum of three months for the application process to be completed.

Application and Declaration

The intending applicant must complete application form EF7A, which is available for download below. The application contains a number of declarations which the applicant has to make regarding criminal convictions, insolvency and professional misconduct.


The Society's Character and Fitness Policy is accessible by clicking here.

A number of documents have to be submitted, these are listed below:

(a) Certified copy of the application's Call to the Bar of Northern Ireland;
(b) Fitness Certificate from the The Bar of Northern Ireland;
(d) An up-to-date CV outlining the applicant's work experience at the Bar and/or the history of their employment.
(c) Two character references, the referees must be members of the applicant's professional body of at least five years standing. If the applicant is currently in employment one of the referees must be from his/her current firm.


The application and registration fee is £150.

Payment should be made by bank transfer. We no longer accept payments by cheque.

The bank details are available on the application form.

Upon Submission

If the application to register as a student is approved, transferring Barrister applicants are asked to complete:

(a) The following courses at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies in Belfast:

      ~ Administration of Estates
      ~ Property Law and Practice: Part 1 & 2

(b) If the applicant has less than three years experience of active practice at the Bar, they may be asked to complete a period of pre-admission employment in a solicitor's office of one year, after completing the courses of study (as above).

On successful completion of the these requirements, the applicant may apply to be admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in Northern Ireland. Evidence will be required at this stage, including a Certificate of Disbarment

If you are requesting an exemption to any element of the above requirements, you must submit a covering letter (and any supplementary evidence) along with your application, clearly explaining your request(s) and rationale. Further, if you are requesting to complete the courses and in-office period concurrently then this must be outlined on a covering letter.

The Education Committee will consider each application and any exemption request on an individual basis.


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