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13 September 2011

Prime - A Commitment to Local Schools

The Law Society of Northern Ireland is supporting PRIME


PRIME is a nationwide initiative to improve access to the legal profession by providing quality work experience opportunities for school-aged students from less advantaged backgrounds and students from the secondary school sector.

PRIME has been founded by Law firms from across the United Kingdom and is supported by the Law Societies of England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.


The goal is to invite local solicitor firms of all sizes to voluntarily make a series of commitments to provide high quality, structured work experience to school-age children who would almost certainly never otherwise have such an opportunity.

PRIME can support existing work experience schemes you have in place that meet its criteria and objectives. It can also provide support and guidance in creating or adapting new schemes that meet the criteria about selection of students as well as the duration and quality of the work experience.


By signing up to PRIME, your solicitor firm will be committing to provide work experience for talented, ambitious and motivated school students in the full range of careers available in the legal sector - from Law and IT to Marketing and HR.

Not only this but by opening the doors your firm will be demonstrating a commitment to your local community. PRIME is not just about finding the professionals of the future. It’s about encouraging and empowering students from secondary schools and those from socially disadvantaged areas to believe that they have access to the legal opportunities, careers and futures that they wouldn’t normally get the chance to see.


We would be delighted if you would join us in this ground-breaking initiative which will showcase the ongoing commitment of the solicitor profession to its community.

To join PRIME or to find out more, please visit




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