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14 September 2020

Law Society statement on suggestion that UK Govt may breach Int law

The President of the Law Society of Northern Ireland, Rowan White, has issued the following statement in response to the suggestion that the United Kingdom Government may consider breaching international law.

"Upholding the Rule of Law, both domestically and internationally, is a core responsibility of democratic Government and ranks alongside the responsibility of Government to protect its citizens.

To hear a Secretary of State inform Parliament that the Government intends to introduce legislation which breaches an International Agreement in a “limited and specific way” offends this principle, as does the suggestion that the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice will only consider resigning his office where the Government’s non-compliance with the law is one with which he personally disagrees.

The Government is no more entitled to pick and choose which laws it keeps than is the individual citizen. To suggest otherwise is to risk undermining respect for the Rule of Law and for the Government itself”.


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