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09 April 2020

NICTS Operational summary

Office of Care and Protection (Patients) during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak

Published 8 April 2020


This page provides a summary of the OCP (Patients) operational position during the coronavirus pandemic. We will continue to review our position and provide updates when relevant.

Please note that we are working with a skeleton staff. To ensure that essential services are maintained as far as possible, we have prioritised our work and will be focussing on processing critical work only.

We ask that you email us instead of telephoning as we can get more work processed this way. Urgent enquiries should be clearly marked as URGENT, explaining the reason for the urgency, and emailed to

Please refrain from contacting OCP re non-essential business.

What is deemed Urgent?

* Guidance in relation to the handling of urgent applications that need to be listed before the Master (Care and Protection) for determination was published on 23 March 2020 and can be accessed on the JudiciaryNI website via the link below.

Please note in particular the procedural requirements for making urgent applications in existing and new cases. Your application will not be actioned if a Certificate of Urgency and if necessary Form FCI1 are not attached.

Declaratory Applications

* We will continue to assess all incoming correspondence and to action those requests and enquiries where a clear need for urgency is identified and merited. To accelerate this process it is essential that all correspondence by email or in writing is clearly marked as urgent.

What is NOT deemed Urgent?

* Controllership Applications

We are not currently processing new or existing applications for Controllership

* Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

We are not currently processing or registering EPAs

Help us to help you, if a Controllership order or the registration of an EPA is required urgently, please explain the reason as that will help us decide if we can process it.

* Review of Annual Accounts

We are not currently reviewing annual accounts; however Controllers are reminded to retain receipts for purchases and to operate within the terms of the controllership order.

Contacting us

Before trying to contact the Office, if you currently act as an Attorney or Controller, and have enquiries regarding your role, you may wish to refer to OCP guidance on the NICTS website, via the link below. This will allow us to deal with the most urgent enquiries and make the best use of limited staff resources.

You can also contact us by email at:

Protecting older people and vulnerable adults

Our customers are often the most vulnerable people in society, we ask that they or those who care for them, keep informed about government recommendations and are well supported.

The government has published guidance on social distancing and protecting older people and vulnerable adults


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