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10 June 2024

New Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategy launched

The Law Society of Northern Ireland has announced the publication of its new Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategy following a period of consultation with its members and wider stakeholders.

The new strategy underpins the Society’s ongoing commitment to achieve progress in the areas of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, and builds upon the actions delivered through the Society’s Diversity and Equality Plan 2022.

At the heart of the new strategy are a number of specific OR targeted objectives including:

o Access to the Profession

o Building a Successful Career

o Culture respecting diversity

These objectives reflect the vision of the strategy of achieving:

An equal, diverse, inclusive and equitable solicitor profession in Northern Ireland, which is open and accessible to all, and reflective of the society solicitors serve.

Commenting on the publication of the new strategy the Chair of the Human Rights and Equality Committee, Lorraine Keown, said

The new strategy is a positive start and a recognition that longer-term effort is required to address the many ongoing challenges and to achieve meaningful improvement in the diversity, equality and equity of the solicitor profession in Northern Ireland.




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