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Making a Conduct Complaint

Beginning the Process

All conduct complaints should be submitted to the Law Society by using and submitting a conduct complaint form in:

1. hard copy format by request by sending an email to:

2. via an online submission on the Law Society’s Website or

When completing the Conduct Complaint form it is important that you read and follow the guidance notes below.


1.    Please attach all documents which you think will help the Law Society in considering your complaint for example any emails, letters, notes which you intend to  rely upon to support your complaint.


2.         Please ensure that all aspects of the complaint are included in the conduct complaint form as new issues cannot be raised at a later date.

Please note the following important information:

* To maintain confidentiality and to comply with statutory obligations we have to ensure that a conduct complaint sent to us is in writing is signed by you and contains a full correspondence address.

* We cannot deal with complaints by email in the absence of the conduct complaint form, however, once your complaint has been accepted for investigation we are happy to accept email correspondence from you. We will normally respond, however, by post rather than email.

* We cannot accept telephone information as evidence to support your complaint as we have to be certain that our records properly reflect your concerns. Therefore any  information given over the telephone  will have to be confirmed by you in writing at a later date.

* Similarly we are unable to facilitate face to face meetings to discuss your complaint and/or concerns which must be communicated to the Law Society in writing. 

* Should you require any reasonable adjustments to facilitate the making of a compliant please contact the Law Society via email: and we shall endeavour to provide assistance.

* Where appropriate we will send a formal letter to you and the relevant solicitor at the conclusion of our investigation.

 Making an online Conduct Complaint

Please click here to make an online Conduct Complaint

Submission of your online complaint form

Please note that if you are using a 'web browser' which is old or out of date you may encounter issues when trying to successfully complete and submit your complaint form online.

The solution to this issue is to ensure that you submit your online complaint form using an up to date web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

You can download the above web browsers from the links indicated below:

·        Google Chrome

·        Safari

·        Microsoft Edge  

·        Mozilla Firefox


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