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12 April 2019

Law Society Warning firms/public to be extremely vigilant online

The Law Society of Northern Ireland have warned of an increase in the number of scam emails being sent to solicitor firms as well as new attempts to steal monies by email interception from clients and firms.

The Society has said that it is important if you are transferring any money that you always - Call the other party, check that they have sent you an email request and confirm it is a genuine request.

The Society have warned against using the phone number provided in any email received until it can be verified.

Reports suggest that scammers are providing false contact phone numbers and details in emails to dupe people.

The Society suggests that people go online and search for a registered and recognised telephone number from the company's website or from other trusted sources.

The Society have said that for the sake of Call, Check and Confirm this could make the difference between losing life savings or not! 


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