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08 February 2012

Knowing Your Rights & Responsibilites Is Key for Home Owners

‘Buying and living in a property with common spaces’ is the title of a new leaflet launched by the Law Society of Northern Ireland.

The new leaflet aims to provide practical advice and guidance to home owners throughout Northern Ireland who are currently living in or considering living a development which has common areas.

Over the last number of years there has been a growth in new property developments with common and shared areas such as shared roads or green spaces facilities.

This has created a number of problems most notably increasing ambiguities amongst home owners regarding their rights and responsibilities.

The Law Society’s new leaflet aims to address these general problems by providing advice and guidance on key issues to home owners so as to ensure that the shared aspects of a home owner’s development remain in good repair.

This is the second in a series of leaflets produced by the Law Society and it follows on from the Society’s previous leaflet entitled ‘Buying and Living in an Apartment’ launched last year.

Commenting on the launch of the new leaflet, Imelda McMillan Law Society President said:

“The Society hopes that our new leaflet will be of practical use and help to members of the public who live in developments with common spaces.

Our series of leaflets encourage property owners to take note of their responsibilities and to exercise their rights where they are concerned that common spaces and amenities are falling into disrepair.

It is important that property owners take an interest in how their development or apartment block is managed not just when they are living their but before they get their hands on their keys to ensure that it will be managed in a way in which they are happy with.

 The Society is committed to providing information which will enable property owners to enjoy their homes safe in the knowledge that com




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