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Judicial Appointments


The Society works closely with the Judicial Appointments Commission in terms of their programmes of action, stakeholder engagement, job shadowing and research.  The Society representatives meet with representatives of the Judicial Appointments Commission regularly.

Uploaded: 13th January 2011


The Society’s Human Rights & Law Reform Committee keeps the judicial applications process under review.  The Society encourages solicitors to apply for judicial appointment and wishes to ensure that the judicial appointments process is open and accessible to the profession.

The Society regularly meets with the NI Judicial Appointments Commission.  To inform its discussions, the Society is seeking the views of solicitors who have applied for judicial appointment, or considered applying. 

What follows is a short questionnaire on the judicial appointments process.  We would encourage you to complete all or any of the sections as you feel appropriate.  Respondents are not asked their name but if you could identify the post(s) you have applied for and the date(s), that would be helpful, but is by no means essential.



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