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21 October 2021

Home Buyers Warned About Online Deposit Fraud

The Law Society of Northern Ireland is warning the public to be extremely vigilant following increasing reports of fraudsters targeting solicitors and clients, particularly those involved in buying or selling a house.

The Society has said it is aware of reports in which clients have lost significant amounts of money after receiving a last-minute and fake email, purportedly from their solicitor, asking them to transfer their deposit money to a new bank account which is controlled by the fraudster.

Such is the level of sophistication of the fraud that neither the client nor solicitor is aware of the fraud until it has been successfully perpetrated.

In many instances, the money stolen from the client and the solicitor firm is never recovered and this has a huge impact on all parties concerned.

The Law Society are asking the public to Call, Check and Confirm when it comes to the transfer of money, especially if the person receives an email or phone call informing them of a last-minute change in bank details.

Commenting, Rowan White, President of the Law Society of Northern Ireland, said:

“Our message to the public, especially those involved in a property transaction, is simple - always Call, Check and Confirm.

Call the person or solicitor known to you using recognised phone number, Check if they sent you an email regarding a last-minute change in bank details and Confirm the right bank details with the person. Never transfer your money without checking with all parties concerned.

The Law Society has launched a leaflet to help the public which can be accessed from

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