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20 March 2020

High Court - Crown Court Bail Applications - Arrangements until 27/03

19 March 2020

Legal representatives should provide through their motion or separate skeleton arguments the full basis for their application.  This should be served by the legal representatives on the Court Office who will notify the PPS of the application and when a response is due.

The PPS will have 24 hours to provide a written response to the court office, which they should copy to the applicant’s legal representatives before the hearing.  The PPS response should suggest potential bail conditions and the parties if possible should liaise to seek agreement.  A judge may deal with the case on the papers or direct a hearing.

Where a judge decides to refuse an application on the papers the attendance of the defendant through video link is required to set out reasons for refusal.  Where a hearing is required the parties will be notified accordingly and arrangements made as to the nature of that hearing.

Generally hearings will be listed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the High Court however should the need arise additional/emergency courts will be arranged as appropriate.  Legal aid arrangements including certification will apply as usual.


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