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05 June 2019

Franking Machine Scam by Phone call

The Law Society has been contacted by a local solicitor firm who have reported receiving a number of phone calls from the following number

020 8068992 (London number)

The phone call received was from a man who is described as very pushy insisting that the solicitor firm provide him with a code from their franking machine which he requires and that they have only a day to provide it.

The solicitor firm contacted their franking machine provider who confirmed it was a bogus caller and a scam.

When confronted the man hung up.

Solicitor firms are being warned to be aware of this scam, update your staff and share the information to prevent the scammers being successful!.

The Society encourages all members and support staff to alert us to such scams and issues so we can update all members of the potential dangers.

You can email


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