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Forensic Sciene Northern Ireland - An Overview

19 Oct 2018
13:00 - 14:00
Law Societ House, Belfast See Details

Forensic Science draws upon a wide range of different scientific disciplines, all of which must conform to the fundamental rules and principles underpinning the physical sciences, whilst at the same time satisfying the sometimes different needs and principles of Law and of Policing.

This session is aimed at all those who deal directly or indirectly with forensic evidence.

It will look at how all the principles outlined above are reflected in the organisational structures, facilities, staff, technology and processes deployed in an accredited forensic laboratory to deliver forensic science to the highest standard, in the interests of justice.

It will highlight the challenges facing a forensic Expert Witness, as an independent and objective servant of the Court, and how these are systematically met.

The session will be delivered by Stan Brown, Chief Executive, Forensic Science Northern Ireland.

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