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27 July 2020

Crown Court Lists for w/c 10th August 2020 for Craigavon

Please find below the Crown Court Lists for Craigavon for w/c 10th August 2020. County Court Judges will undertake an administrative review of Crown Court (CCJ) cases for arraignment and sentence. 

  • Representatives should identify their cases from the lists.
  • Collaboratively complete and lodge Form CrownCCI1 - attached.
  • Email to the relevant court office by 31st July 2020. 

It is essential that the forms are completed as comprehensively as possible. Email addresses for court offices can be found in Annex A. 

The subject line of your email should state “Crown Court Review”. 

Forms must be lodged except where legal representatives are actively engaging with the judge (no form is required in this instance). 

Following an administrative review the relevant judge will determine a date and time for a hearing and the parties will be notified of the arrangements.  Any urgent or agreed applications will continue to be dealt with in accordance with the Guidance for Crown Court and Criminal Cases published at

Any queries regarding the administrative reviews should be directed to the relevant court office. 



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