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29 May 2020

Communicating With Members Of The Judiciary

The legal profession, in their discussions with the Lord Chief Justice, indicated that it would be helpful if there was a means of communication with the judiciary to assist with case progression in individual cases.  The Lord Chief Justice asked OLCJ to establish an email inbox for this purpose ( 

Where legal representatives wish to make a request for communication with a judge they should:

  • Ensure they have communicated with counsel/solicitors on the other side and that the request is on behalf of all parties;
  • All parties should be copied into the email;
  • Provide the ICOS number, the name/s of the defendants/parties and the name of the judge.

OLCJ will then forward the email to the judge and, if considered appropriate, facilitate a telephone conference call.

Generally officials will not be involved in these calls unless otherwise directed by the judge.  Where the communication leads to an outcome that should be recorded the judge must advise the court official as appropriate to ensure the court record is maintained.

The mailbox will come into operation on 1 June 2020.


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