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Advertising Costs

The Law Society of Northern Ireland regularly publishes advertisements for jobs/vacancies on its website.

The Society charges a fee for doing so and this can vary depending on the person(s) or organisation requesting the upload and display. 

The cost of advertising on the Law Society website is as follows:

The cost of advertising a single job vacancy/single event will be costed at:

For Law Society Members

You must be on the Roll of Solicitors in Northern Ireland to avail of this offer.

The cost of uploading a job advert is a donation of £50 to the Solicitors Benevolent Association.

The Society requires members to pay the donation fee. 

Members must complete the following downloadable form and return it via email or hard copy with notification of payment. 

For Commercial businesses / Governmental organisations

 Per day
Per month
  £25 PLUS VAT

For non- commercial (charity/voluntary or community organisations: 

 Per day
Per month
  £10 PLUS VAT

How to advertise a job advert/vacancy?

Before an advert/vacancy can be uploaded to the Society's website or displayed in the Society's e-zine the Society requires a proof of the advert to be provided for its consideration. 

This can be supplied via email to for the attention of Paul O'Connor, Head of Communications.

He will consider and approve.

Please note that whilst the Society is happy to consider approaches regarding advertising it also reserves the right not to publish adverts.

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