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2024 Trainee Solicitor Registration

Welcome to the 2024 process for registration as a trainee solicitor. Your correspondence from the Institute of Professional Legal Studies (IPLS) will have noted that a condition of entry to the Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Studies (the "solicitor course") is formal registration with the Law Society of Northern Ireland ("the Society").

The Law Society of Northern Ireland is the professional body for the solicitors' profession in Northern Ireland. Under the Solicitors (Northern Ireland) Order 1976, the Society acts as the regulatory authority governing the education, accounts, discipline and professional conduct of solicitors in order to maintain the independence, ethical standards, professional competence and quality of services offered to the public.

You will be registering as a Student of the Society, commonly referred to as a trainee or trainee solicitor. The registration process, as outlined below, is your commencement of this formal requirement.


The trainee solicitor registration process is conducted entirely online with supplementary documentation uploaded via the online application form.

A breakdown of each stage of the process is available as follows:

  1. Registration process opens. Prospective trainee solicitors invited via email to apply.
  2. Prospective trainee solicitors’ complete application online and supply all requisite evidence. Any outstanding evidence requested via email.
  3. The registration process closes. Deadline for registration being 5pm on Monday 19th August 2024.
  4. The Society and IPLS confirm registrations received against the updated Order of Merit
  5. All those obtaining places are contacted by the IPLS and the Society.
  6. Request for payment of registration fee (£187.50) sent to all registered trainee solicitors. Payment is not required until formally requested.


As part of your registration, you will need to upload some signed documents, as outlined here:

EF1B: Petition for Registration as a Student and Supplementary Declaration

The EF1B document comprises two separate forms, the Petition and the Supplementary Declaration.

The Petition is your formal oath that all information supplied as part of your registration form is true, as well as matters relating to bankruptcy and convictions. Your Petition must be sworn before a Commissioner for Oaths (Art 76(1) Solicitors (Northern Ireland) Order 1976, "...every solicitor who holds a practising certificate which is in force shall have all the powers conferred by any enactment on a commissioner for oaths..."). It must not be sworn before your Master.

The Supplementary Declaration is your formal declaration to the Society with respect to any cautions and/or convictions. It must be hand-signed and dated by you.

EF1E: Indentures of Apprenticeship (“training contract”)

The Indentures of Apprenticeship (“training contract”) is the legally binding agreement between yourself and your Master. It can be witnessed by a member of the firm/organisation.

Copies of your training contract should be kept by your Master and yourself for reference.

EF1Ei Code of Conduct

Your Master and you should review, sign and date the Code of Conduct. Copies of your Code of Conduct should be kept by your Master and yourself for reference.

EF1F: Confirmatory Note for Masters

You should supply this Note for your Master to complete. Once complete it should be returned to you by your Master for uploading with your registration. It must be hand-signed and dated by your Master.

Templates for these documents are available for download below. The templates should not be amended or edited in any way.

Where available you should complete the fields on the paperwork electronically, but signatures should be completed by hand.


In order to register with the Society, you must complete the following online form.

This is your official application for registration with the Society and as such you should ensure you have all necessary information, supplementary forms and supporting documents ready to go before commencing. The form cannot be paused or saved for completion later.

Please refer to the EG13 Guidance Notes before you start to complete your form. It includes a checklist for your reference and a step-by-step guide to each section of the online form.


If you should have any questions before or after your submission, please email the team at


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