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The Online CPD Record has been developed to allow members to record their CPD progress throughout the year and then to submit their completed Record online by 31st January 2023.

How to access the 2022 Online CPD Record

The 2022 CPD Record can be accessed by logging into the Society's members’ website at

Once logged in members can access their individual CPD Record by clicking on:

Please note

1. You MUST login in order to access the record which will contain information specifically about you.

2. Do not attempt to complete the record if you have not logged in this will not be accepted.

3. Members can update their CPD Record during the practice year before submitting their completed Record by 6th January 2023.



* Go to

* Click on either login sections highlighted in yellow.





STEP 2   

* Insert your email address (the one you have provided to the Society)

* Insert your password which you created

* If you have forgotten both you can request a password reset by clicking on the 'Forgot or lost your password' link shown below in the box.

* If you still cannot access the members'  section please email


STEP 3   

* Once you have successfully logged in look for the large box indicated in the graphic below highlighted in yellow called CPD Record 2022 and click on it.

*Alternatively you can click on the following link


STEP 4   

* Once you have clicked on the graphic or link you will now be presented with your CPD Record as shown below.

* You can now begin to populate your CPD Record as and when you need to throughout the year.


STEP 5  

* You can save your information at any point throughout 2022 by clicking on the Save details button on the bottom right of the record screen.

* If you are happy that you have completed all parts of your form you can submit your record using the Submit button on the bottom right of the record screen.



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