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2 - Contacting your solicitor to make a complaint

Solicitors are required to have their own in-house complaints procedure.

It is a written document and provides you with an opportunity to make the complaint to them in writing.

This may be published on their website or should be available from their office upon request. It is a written process and you therefore need to either write to the solicitor saying you are making a formal complaint and then set out your concerns in detail or complete the form called In-House Complaints Procedure Complaint Form. 

Your Solicitor must acknowledge receipt of your complaint and provide a substantive reply within 28 days of receipt of the complaint. You may be asked to call in to discuss your concerns or the solicitor may want to speak to you by telephone.

In any event, you should receive a final written report. You should contact the Law Society if more than 28 days have passed since you made the complaint.

If your solicitor fails to respond to your complaint within 28 days, without a reasonable explanation, they have broken our rules and you can complain to the Society about their service or conduct.

Have you written to your solicitor to make them aware of your complaint?

If the answer is YES and you are still not happy with their response please proceed to Stage 3 of the complaints process by clicking below:

Stage 3 - Making a complaint to the Law Society

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